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             My name is Brian ODonnell, I am a member at the Mercersburg Sportsman Association (MSA) in Mercersburg, PA. I have the pleasure to be the chairman for a new recognition program we are doing. MSA will be conducting a Disabled Veteran Fishing Rodeo for south-central PA. The event will be located at the Mercersburg Sportsman in Mercersburg, PA. All fishing will be in Buck Run (Dickeys Run). The date for the event will be May 26th 2018. Our target audience will be Disable Veterans with any percentage of disability. Many studies have shown that Disabled Veterans, as well as other Veterans, benefit from a day of fishing, hunting, and other outdoor sports. I can personally attest that after a day with fellow wounded Veterans, fishing that you feel better than you do most days and it usually ends with life-long friends that can be used as support group when you are going through the tough times. In order for the MSA to make this happen we need your support. The MSA will build the framework for this event but in reality, it is an event for the whole community to thank and help our Disabled Service Members. The goal of the MSA is to say thank you to the Disabled Veterans and give them a day of fun and memories. We also hope that it will become an annual event either hosted by us or other local sportsman organizations. Currently, we have 1 organization that is donating coffee and donuts for our attendees, and a second organization is preparing a lunch meal for our attendees in the MSA kitchen. We are asking for donations to offset the cost of the meal, stock fish, and prizes. If you would like to donate prizes we currently need fishing equipment or gift cards for anywhere. All money donation collected will go towards this event. We are planning for 100 people at the event to include staff.

A timeline of events for May 26th:

  • 0700 All volunteers arrive

  • 0730 attendees arrive at MSA

  • 0730-0800 attendees sign in and receive a fishing badge and enjoy coffee and donuts

  • 0800-0830 remarks from the MSA President, recognizing all that has helped with this event, then turning it over to the Chaplin for the invocation and pictures

  • 0830-1200 fishing at the stream

  • 1200-1300 lunch inside the MSA building

  • 1300 Chaplin will give the benediction at the end of the meal. That will mark the end of the Disabled Veterans Fishing Rodeo

  • 1315- Until dusk fishing on will be open to the Disabled Veterans and all local Veterans. There will still be someone around if someone needs help, but this is more of a fish on your own time.


Ways you can help make this a memorable Event for the Veterans.

  1.  Prizes for tagged fish
  2. Input from you on Military Personnel that you know that is disabled. We will take your word on the individuals being disabled. With that being said please do your best to send only Disabled Veterans.
  3. Volunteers to help with various jobs.
  4. If you would like to make money donations, it can be sent to the Mercersburg Sportsman’s Association, INC., P.O. Box 33, Mercersburg, PA 17236. Make checks payable to Mercersburg Sportsman’s Association. In the memo please put Disabled Vet Rodeo. That will help us keep track of donations.

     How to register a Disabled Veteran for the event.

              Each person will need to register.

  Give the attendee my telephone number and I will register them. My contact information is Cell phone- 717-377-2283 and email is

Some Legal Stuff and notes.

The MSA is not responsible for Injuries, and it is suggested that the service member attending should check with his or her doctor if there is any doubt on whether they are physically able to fish. The event should be considered low impact with most areas being flat and mowed. Wheel chair areas will be available. Transportation to and from the event is not included. Hotels are not included in this event. A PA fishing License is NOT required for this event. The pond will be closed during this event. If we have some one that is unable to fish from the stream due to disabilities then our fish committee will consider opening the pond to that person only. We will have stream attendants helping the Veterans on the stream if anyone needs help, but if a Veteran needs to be accompanied by someone due to their disabilities we just need to know about it.

My contact information is below my signature block, fee free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns during this undertaking. Thank you for your time and any help you can give us.


Brian ODonnell